Integer delivers sonically elaborate yet delightfully slick grooves – this week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Southern Blue, is no exception.

Courtesy of SmallPrint Recordings, Integer is one of Synchedin’s shining talents. Producing elaborately soulful electronic soundscapes, Integer’s music features in Synchedin’s very own Tula Mic Review video.

Founded in 2015, SmallPrint Recordings is run by 3 musicians from Bristol, UK, who are dedicated to providing a platform for soul and jazz influenced bass music. Featuring artists from all over the world, SmallPrint is a collective of artists that share a great passion for the ambient side of electronic music.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with a synth sweep, sonically akin to the sounds which feature in the show Steven Universe. A driven hi hat keeps the time, as a xylophone loop dances down through the frequency spectrum.

Before long, the bass synth for Southern Blue brings the full groove out. ‘Ear candy’ moments brought about by small percussive fills give this electronic beat so much life and energy.

It’s no shock that Southern Blue is Integer’s most streamed track from the Silver Palm EP. While this whole EP is a fantastic body of work in its own right, there is a sonic authority to Southern Blue that is easily accessible to the listener. It’s easy to hear this lively and intricate beat playing alongside a gaming tutorial vid, a montage moment or even a sports highlight reel.

You can download every song from Integer’s fantastic Silver Palm EP exclusively from Synchedin, which includes this week’s Spotlight track, Southern Blue.

Subscribe per month today for only $4.99, and not only can you download and sync amazing royalty free music by Integer, but you can also find amazing ambient electronic music by fellow SmallPrint artists Blicka, Kercha and Ill Chill to sync with your videos too.