After the release of their first album of the year, Sizzle Bird lands another Synchedin Spotlight with their groovy electronic tune Summits.

Sizzle Bird is a frequent Synchedin Spotlight artist. His latest release Reflections saw his 6th time being our top pick of the week with the LP track Summits.

Also producing music under artist aliases Cloudy CatShangbock and Little Dumpling, Sizzle Bird seamlessly combines classically trained violin expertise with silky smooth production qualities. Never falling to create emotive cinematic themes, we’re excited to hear what this new album has to offer.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with a stylistically cute synth melody backing with calming field recordings. Deep, rich string chords enter shortly after. Before a beat has even anchored the tune, it’s clear that this track would work perfectly in a game or in gaming content.

A reversed cymbal effect introduces us to the key Sizzle Bird element we were all waiting for – the solo violin countermelody. A snare sample builds up the anticipation, while the solo violin effortlessly glides across the top of the mix.

The pent-up energy built up so far is finally released, in a mature and more stylistic manner than most electronic music. A solid bass groove syncs in with the crispy Foley samples the drum beat has to offer, all while the violin continues its siren song established in the previous section.

This track would be the perfect accompaniment to feature in a gaming news channel video, or maybe even a let’s play video of certain action RPGs such as Breath of the Wild or Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Download the rest of Sizzle Bird’s serene new album Reflections exclusively on Synchedin.

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