This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, dreamy lofi bop Swing by Franko Keys, Lofi Hendrick and Morning Dan, is the perfect background music for your content.

Swing, a DayDoseOfHouse record label release, is a chill lofi tune by producers Franko Keys, Lofi Hendrick and Morning Dan. Franko Keys produces an impressive array of different genres, from high octane dance anthems to smooth lofi hip hop tunes you can listen to here. As well as original tracks, they also produce lofi versions of high profile pop songs such as OneRepublic‘s Counting Stars and The Weeknd‘s Blinding Lights, giving these compositions a fantastically new chilled dimension to them.

This week’s Spotlight track begins with luscious nature foley, followed by broken guitar chords so well filtered you can almost see the music video appearing before you on an old, warped VHS tape. In true lofi hip hop fashion, Franko Keys et al waste no time in getting straight to the point. A crispy beat consisting of more expertly filtered drum samples guides us through the lofi hue.

The key ingredient to lofi hip hop music is minimalistic simplicity, which these 3 producers commit too proficiently. Removing musical layers to keep things interesting, rather than adding more, is an art form in itself. As the guitar is lifted away from the moody soundscape, a delicate synth carries us through until the filtering is released – and the guitar comes back for more.

This next ‘chorus’ passage includes a few more very subtle layers. My favourite element to this particularly groovy track are the cheeky sliding guitar notes hidden in plain sight. They add a feeling of melancholy to this dreamy number – another crucial element to nailing this style of production.

You can download Swing and a plethora of other perfect lo-fi tunes to sync with your content right now.

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