Let this week’s Synchedin Spotlight scoop you up and cradle you in folk swaddling. It’s the gorgeous The Month of May by Magical Beasts!

Magical Beasts is a Chicago based project headed by Nathan Paulus. You could define the music as Americana/folk, but slightly in the experimental vein. Often rich and atmospheric, Magical Beasts create beautiful and compelling music, with depths to be delved.

The Month of May creates instant warmth through the use of layered acoustic guitars and luxurious double bass. The lilting brushed snare creates a beautiful acoustic ambience, filling the space perfectly. Bowed strings slur about, making it even harder to prevent your eyelids growing heavy. Each component is seemingly simplistic but oh so powerful in impact.

This wholesome and natural sounding musical foundation creates the ideal platform for tuneful woodwind. I challenge you not to picture Tolkien’s verdant, luscious Shire here. Meandering melodies pass from air to string, with hypnotic sequences being performed on the fiddle.

If you’ve been feeling the need to unplug and reset, The Month of May is the track to listen to, to get you on your way. The rapturous and joyful final section of the track creates a sense of euphoria borne out of the purity and freedom of simple living.

Steadily fading out, the track leaves gracefully, preserving the high levels of relaxation it so masterfully creates.

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