It feels like it’s been a pretty dramatic month the world over. So this week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the aptly cinematic, The Real Heroes by Borrtex!

Borrtex, aka Daniel Bordovsky, is an incredibly prolific Czech pianist. Beginning his piano playing at the young age of six, Borrtex decided to compose and produce his own music in 2017. His Spotify profile is testimony to his work ethic, with 13 albums and several singles available. One of these albums being his latest work Harmony, released in December 2020.

Our Spotlight track, The Real Heroes, is a beautifully crafted cinematic track, all built around one central motif. Gently introducing this simple yet effective melodic idea with soft piano, accompanied by an ambient synth pad, the track instantly begins to paint a mental image. Not out of place on an epic film or all-engrossing video game soundtrack, the instruments begin to layer up as the motif is developed rhythmically. Dramatic strings make their grand entrance, along with distant drums, not dissimilar to the foreboding drums of war. However, with the use of string stabs and an ever-so-slight hint of dissonance, an air of triumph and determination is created. The track resolves as it began; melancholic keys sweetly lead the exit. It’s difficult not to be transported to soaring landscapes or imagine legendary tales of adversity and conquest.

Borrtex is skilled in creating music that tells a story, which is hardly surprising considering he has produced music for Netflix shows and HBO, to name but a few. You can keep up to date with what Borrtex is up to by following his Instagram and subscribing to his channel on YouTube.

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