Grab a book, get cosy, and let this week’s Synchedin Spotlight take you away to the land of nod with the sweet sounds of j brij‘s time for bed.

Accruing a hugely impressive 1.3 million streams of his music on Spotify in 2021, j brij. has been a staple of the lofi music community since 2019. Known for his lullaby-esque take on lofi music, j brij. also works collaboratively in a 6-piece East coast grunge rap collective, CHERRYBACKGROUNDS┬«. His new album within my walls drops on April 15th, and we can’t wait to hear more of what j brij. has to offer!

Our Synchedin Spotlight this week begins with a peaceful keyboard sound, slowly fading into audible view. Double time piano notes add pace to the soundscape while maintaining a wonderful sense of calm. The true staple of lofi music, filtered drums made to sound as if they’re playing from an old cassette, are produced excellently in this particular Synchedin Spotlight.

The low pass, vintage filter on the drums is slowly lifted, and a reverberated percussive slap introduces a wonderful wave of chillhop goodness. Pretty, plucked pianos set the stage across the stereo field, as a glockenspiel type synth sings out across it all. Fantastic foley percussion dances across the beat, giving this sleepy bop a new sense of mellow adventure.

We know lofi music is a somewhat oversaturated genre these days. However, we have to shine the spotlight on j brij’s time for bed where it’s due! This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is a masterpiece of combining the ambient atmosphere of bedtime, with the excitement of, well, looking forward to bedtime!

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