It’s important to go easy on yourself sometimes. So, kick back with this week’s Synchedin Spotlight, We’re just humans after all. by Scurrface!

Scurrface is a fresh producer and pianist hailing from Innsbruck, Austria. He states that his only purpose is to “discover the beautiful ways of music and share [his] ideas with the world”.

About as fresh as it gets, Scurrface’s Spotify has all the signs of an artist still solidifying their direction. A mixture of piano-based ballads, lo-fi beats, and electronic pieces heavy with the ominousness of a grime track. However, his latest release and this week’s spotlight, is distinctively mellow and cool.

We’re just humans after all. is a pleasing blend of slippery indie electric guitar and chilled beats. A reverb soaked rhythm and lead guitar with its frequencies stylistically clipped lead the way. Warmth is given to the track by extra layers of twangy low-pitched strings popping in and out of the mix.

The precision and steadiness of electronic drums contrasts the easy-going freedom of the guitars. Percussive crispness sits above the soupy, soporific soundscape of guitars, which underpins the entire track. There are no jarring surprises which threaten to spoil the deep set calm created throughout the song. Beats drop in and out, layers of guitar fade and re-enter, but ultimately the track loops round beautifully for the duration.

Scurrface has crafted a gentle track with an almost conversational bassline that seems to offer consolation. The overall feel of the song succeeds in reflecting its title, encouraging the listener to not sweat the little things. Perfection is often the enemy of the creator. We’re all about embracing our humanity and accepting imperfection. This is why We’re just humans after all. is our Synchedin Spotlight this week!

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