Somehow, September is already over, which means it’s time for the Synchedin Subscriber Favourites September collection! Check out what’s been popular over the last month below.

So uh, September went quickly, didn’t it? Whilst we were busy recouping our energy after a summer of fun and festivals, the real run up to Autumn flew by. There is well and truly a nip in the air, and content creators have set their sights to Halloween and the “C” word. No -Christmas – not Covid this time, actually.

As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to fall, the vibe over on the Synchedin downloads has been getting decidedly more mellow.

September Music

We’re not talking Earth, Wind & Fire or Green Day here. We’ve put all the top downloaded Synchedin tracks for September into one neat and tidy place for you to enjoy. If you’re looking from some inspiration for your autumn content, or just want to hang on before submitting to wintrier times, have a listen.

The September favourites collection features some of the usual favourites, such as Kevin Macleod, Simon Jomphe Lepine, and Borrtex. But, we’re pleased to see new faces in the Synchedin subscriber favourites mix, with tracks from FARE and Royal Tea.

Expect to find a high dosage of relaxing, atmospheric sounds, with a smidgen of bouncy, uplifting electronic tunes thrown in. Our latest label to join the family, BIRTHDIY has proven to be a popular addition. Dreamy indie is supplied by the likes of Hause Plants and Floral Sounds, both BIRTHDIY artists.

September SFX

Carrying over from August, we’ve got some transition sound effects amongst the September favourites collection. We hope our subscribers are enjoying using these swish sounds to add a fun but professional feel to their YouTube video content or podcast creations.

Tweeting birds, little waves lapping on the shore, and the sound of a crackling fire are also SFX that have been getting some love in September. That sounds like the soundscape to the perfect early autumn camp out.

We were prepared for it, but that didn’t necessarily make it easier to face. Sleigh bells are also one of the most downloaded SFX of the last month. We can’t put it off any longer, the festive season is almost upon us.

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