L’Oreal‘s latest gadget, the Colorsonic, promises precision hair colouring at home, revolutionising the home dying process. Get the full details here!

There’s some highly entertaining hair colouring video content out there. Hours and hours of schadenfreude enabling YouTube videos, letting us relish in other people’s hair dying mishaps. Fans of Brad Mondo are no strangers to seeing a hopeful home-dyer’s hair go from yellow to green, as a result of wildly misjudged colour application. Hair and beauty creates a wealth of video content, and we might start to see some new gadgets on the scene.

The Colorsonic

In 1907, the founder of L’Oreal invented the first safe-to-use hair dye, and hair colouring has since become a honed art form.

However, for some reason, many of us seem to think we’re just as capable and skilled as a trained professional when it comes to hair. If you’ve ever attempted to cut yourself some new bangs, you know exactly what I mean. Taking notice of this, L’Oreal have unveiled their latest bit of kit, that will make the DIY dying process cleaner, safer, and smoother.

This isn’t the first time L’Oreal has heralded technological advancements in the beauty game. They are a regular name at CES in recent years, and have unveiled wearable UV and pH sensors, as well as an AI-powered skincare gadget.

So, how does the Colorsonic actually work? It looks much like any other hairstyling tool – sleek, minimal, and hairbrush-like. Bristles, which act as nozzles, occupy the top half, whilst a cartridge sits at the bottom. This cartridge contains a “precise mix of developer and formula”, which is evenly dispensed by the oscillating bristles. The idea of being able to simply brush the perfect colour through your hair certainly appeals much more than the bathroom horror show that occurs after most home dying sessions.

You may be wondering why people just don’t go to a salon to be treated by a colourist. Whilst this would give professional results, it also comes at a much higher cost. This latest creation from L’Oreal has been pitched as an “affordable” piece of tech, although no pricing has been revealed yet. If the way L’Oreal has previously announced gadgets is anything to go by, we can expect to see the Colorsonic widely available in a year or so.

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs and how many fail videos might crop up. If you’re a beauty professional-cum-content creator, you may want to get hold of this new toy.

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