Super Bowl Sunday is responsible for dropping some huge ads. Last night, we got a first peek at The Rings of Power trailer!

The much-adored fantasy franchise, The Lord of the Rings is about to be expanded by Amazon. A new television series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will be released in September, and acts as a prequel to the popular Peter Jackson film trilogy. Still set in Middle Earth, the story takes place at a time before the king, before the fellowship, and before the ring.

Hotly anticipated, the first Rings of Power trailer, or rather teaser, was unveiled during the Super Bowl last night. At just over a minute-long, not a huge amount was given away. However, we were given a first look at how this reimagining of a nearly consecrated world is going to look.

Last week, the rights to The Lord of the Rings went up for auction, meaning we can probably expect several remakes to surface in the coming years. For now, Amazon’s series is the next Middle Earth adventure to hit our screens.

Creating a truly magical and awe-inspiring atmosphere from the start, an unseen narrator asks, “Haven’t you ever wondered what else is out there? There’s wonders in this world beyond our wandering. I can feel it!” The series takes place thousands of years before Peter Jackson’s trilogy, featuring a young Galadriel.

Despite not giving much away, the trailer for The Rings of Power does a good job of showing us what’s in store. Every sweeping landscape or flame-engulfed shot feels incredibly like The Lord of the Rings. This project was an ambitious one for Amazon, and they’ve certainly gone after the epic, big budget fantasy feel. According to the New Zealand government, Amazon spent around $465 million on the first series, along with the $250 million paid to the Tolkien estate for the rights. So, when we say big budget, we’re not kidding. With Game of Thrones enjoying such massive success, it’s evidently a formula that works.

The Rings of Power boasts a large 22-person main cast, and will have several storylines running throughout the series. We will undoubtedly get a more detailed glimpse of the series before it airs on the 2nd of September.