Last year, TikTok captions was launched. Now, content can be enjoyed globally thanks to easy translation options and more!

TikTok is a platform that boasts huge popularity across the entire planet. Its endless stream of short form video content is a powerful tool both for entertainment, marketing, and social commentary. Creators have found success by hopping on trends such as dances and hashtag challenges, as well as sharing thoughtfully put together original content.

Satisfying visuals and funny videos transcend language barriers. But, TikTok is full of interesting and insightful information, springing from a huge and varied pool of creators all over the world. So that everyone can enjoy and benefit from this, TikTok captions has been given the global treatment.

TikTok Captions Goes Global

On Thursday last week, the video sharing platform announced that it would be upping its accessibility options. Translation tools have been added, bringing down language barriers and unlocking global entertainment. Initially, a wave of languages will be supported in the update. These include English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish.

Additionally, power has been given to the viewer. Before, captions were available to creators, should they wish to add them. Now, audiences can turn on auto-generated closed captions. This update gives more options to users regarding how they view content, and opens up accessibility to wider audiences.

What’s more, translation tools have also been added to video captions and descriptions. Even stickers that feature within videos will be subject to new translation options, meaning nobody has to miss out on entertainment, wherever they’re from!

TikTok captions will be undergoing even more tweaks and changes, as the company has said it’s in the early stages of rolling out these tools. Dedicated to bringing entertainment to everyone, regardless of their language, location, or needs, TikTok hopes to expand availability of these tools in the coming months.

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