The latest in the list of TikTok partners is commercial TV service, Atmosphere. Learn why you might see TikTok videos in Taco Bell here!

Thanks to a recent partnership, you may start seeing TikTok videos in gyms and restaurants in the not too distant future. The short form video sharing app has been steadily taking over the world, with average watch time in the UK & US overtaking YouTube last September.

Now, after striking a deal with Atmosphere, TikTok video content will be made available in the platform’s first ever out-of-home TV platform.

What Is Atmosphere?

Atmosphere is the world’s leading TV service for businesses and commercial settings. It is a free subscription platform that offers original, audio-optional TV channels to suit every mood and business out there.

Providing an alternative to muted sports games, or closed caption rolling news channels, Atmosphere set off to conquer an entirely new class of TV programming.

The service also offers businesses the option of running their own marketing and ads via the Digital Signage feature.

TikTok Partners With Atmosphere

We’re used to viewing TikTok video content primarily on mobile devices. However, TikTok has previously partnered with Amazon to make its addictive content viewable via Amazon Fire TV. This meant that short form video content was more easily viewable on the not quite big, but considerably bigger screen.

Teaming up with Atmosphere means that we can get our short form fix whilst out and about. Expect to see snappy shorts appearing in the likes of up to 18,000 restaurants, bars, gyms, and even doctors’ surgeries throughout the US.

Atmosphere will create a designated channel solely for curated TikTok content. This will join its existing offering of lifestyle, extreme sports, art, entertainment, and ambient nature. Dan Page, head of global business development at TikTok has stated:

“By partnering with Atmosphere, we’re excited to make it easy for people to experience TikTok together by bringing the joy and creativity of our platform to new screens, venues, and audiences.”

Atmosphere already uses repurposed video content from YouTube for its channels, but this will be their first channel dedicated to one specific social media platform. Leo Resign, co-founder of Atmosphere said of TikTok, “they are the largest internet social media platform right now, and so they are very particular about how their brand and content are distributed,” he said. “But they see the power of our platform.”

How Will the Channel Work?

TikTok already has its own consumer focussed TV app, called TikTok TV. This partnership with Atmosphere is not just another outlet for this.

Instead, Atmosphere will have access to a library of TikTok content. An Atmosphere team will then select which content they feel is appropriate for the channel. This team will contact the original TikTok creator to secure their permission to use the content in this manner.

The original audio of the content is then stripped and replaced with Atmosphere’s own optional overlaid audio. Many Atmosphere customers opt for muted versions of the content they use, preferring videos with closed captions.

As the deal between TikTok and Atmosphere currently stands, original TikTok creators will not get paid.