If testing is successful, TikTok “watch history” could eliminate the frustrating search for old videos you’ve enjoyed. Learn more here!

Personally, I have to message my friend on a fortnightly basis asking if they have a certain hilarious old video saved somewhere on their phone. I never take the initiative to save videos myself. Nor do I make a mental note of which account I found them on in the first place. It results in too many frustrating and obsessive minutes scrolling through messages. Usually to no avail.

TechCrunch reported yesterday that TikTok is testing “watch history”, as spotted by Hammond Oh. It was then shared by social media consultant, Matt Navara.

This feature has been made available to some users, letting them find videos that appeared on their For You page that they didn’t get a chance to save. Since the stream of video content on the platform is so relentless, it’s very easy to accidentally refresh the page and lose videos.

There isn’t a lot of further detail about TikTok watch history available right now. When asked by TechCrunch if TiKTok plans to expand the test to more users, the company said:

“We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.”

This new feature is just one of many being tested by TikTok. Last week, the platform revealed it was expanding its trialling of Snapchat-like stories.

TikTok watch history will be a very welcome feature to regular users. Previously, users have had to find workarounds in order to uncover lost videos. One user, rachforaday, posted a video that walked users through how to find lost content. It involved going to the Discover Page, clicking search, and entering an asterisk. It then instructed users to go to the search filters tab and toggle the “watched videos” button. After clicking Apply, users would see a list of videos they’d watched in the past 7 days. This video has since been viewed over 32 million times, and has garnered 5.5 million likes.