Whether you’re an aspiring chef or someone who just loves to eat, check out our top 10 food & cooking YouTube channels out there right now!

Rosanna Pansino

Content creator and YouTuber Rosanna Pansino has found extreme popularity online with her weekly show, Nerdy Nummies. She teaches viewers how to recreate pop-culture inspired desserts and bakes. As well as this, Rosanna shares fun recipes and interesting cooking techniques.

Epic Meal Time

Founded in 2010 by a Canadian group of friends, Epic Meal Time is a channel all about insanely calorific foods and extreme cooking. An on screen “baconator” keeps track of the dangerous amount of bacon involved in the meals. All this needs to be washed down with something, and the Epic Meal Time gang’s drink of choice is Jack Daniel’s. Whiskey, meat and beards define this off the wall channel.


A Vice publication offshoot, Munchies is one of those cooking YouTube channels that will make you laugh and feel hungry in equal measure. The channels mainly focusses on content from a youth driven perspective. The channel covers an array of topic such as the politics and policies of food, “front” and “back of house” restaurant life, old wives tales and innovative news. A popular feature of Munchies is the appearance of Canadian chef, Matty Matheson. Known for his loudness and his tendency to swear a lot, his How To series is an entertaining way to learn some great recipes.

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish is a channel hosted by Andrew Rea, also known as Oliver Babish. It focuses on recreating recipes from popular films, TV shows and games. However, you can pick up some serious cooking tips from Babish here too. The Basics with Babish series aims to help grow confidence by demonstrating how to master cooking essentials, like pasta sauce from scratch.

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Vitale, of Laura in the Kitchen, is a home cook who shares delicious recipes in such a way that the viewer can follow along with. Started in 2010, the channel engages viewers by championing the step-by-step recipe video, as well as through taking audience requests. Italian home cooking is the stalwart here, but you can find tips for all sorts of cuisine from Laura.

Food Wishes

A noble and generous premise, Food Wishes is a channel centred around the dishes the audience wishes they could cook. Chef John (John Mitzewich) then films videos guiding viewers through the process of making these dishes, ensuring food is the star of the show. This is a fantastic channel for growing your culinary skills whilst being entertained and inspired.

How To Cake It

Yolanda Gampp of How To Cake It shows you how to turn eggs, flour and sugar into incredible novelty cakes. Walking you through the process of how to bake the cakes through to decorating them, this channel is ideal for baking tips and tricks.

Bon Appétit

It may sound exclusively fancy, but this New York based food magazine channel ranges brilliantly from the accessible to the silly to the gourmet. Bon Appétit features an eclectic selection of chefs who really know their stuff, but differ enough to create a broad and interesting channel. Learn native cooking techniques from around the globe, or how to create high-end versions of childhood snack classics.


You’ve probably scrolled past a Tasty video on social media – attractive, colourful recipe tutorials or 50 different ways to make a grilled cheese. But, the channel offers so much more. Alongside recipe videos, Tasty offers different food series such as Making It Big and Made By Hand.

Sorted Food

Started by a group of friends in London, Sorted Food releases videos each week sharing cooking tips as well as promoting affordable cuisine. These guys turned their love of talking about food into a hugely popular YouTube hit. Battle videos challenging chefs to create dishes within a certain budget solidify the ethos of cooking and eating smarter.

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