Who says cartoons are just for kids? Here are some of the best animated YouTube channels to get your colourful entertainment fix!

It’s important to take a moment to appreciate our favourite YouTube content creators. We get to be entertained, learn things, and get glimpses of other people’s interesting lives for free.

A lot goes into producing high quality YouTube videos. Not only is there lots of planning involved in the actual shooting of videos, but also hours of painstaking editing. There’s also lots of kit that goes into vlogging, including expensive cameras and video editing software.

If that sounds like a lot, then just think about the work that goes into animated YouTube channels. We’ve listed some of the best animated channels out there, that show off some amazing talent and work in the content creation sphere.

Jaiden Animations

Based in Arizona, Jaiden Animations creates their videos using various software. Adobe for animating, Clip Studio to paint and draw. This channel offers lots of cool content, from critiquing peculiar pet games, to impressively arty anime.


TheOdd1sOut claims that their animation isn’t “real animation”. Whatever you’d call it, it’s certainly animation adjacent. Drawings are created on Paint Tools Sai, and edited on Adobe Premiere. You’ll find a bunch of humourous videos here, including some painfully relevant takes on life.


ExplosmEntertainment is the company responsible for Cyanide & Happiness. The channel offers a combination of comics and compilations of rude, lewd and ridiculous animations.


Domics is an animator from Canada who releases videos covering a range of topics, mostly relatable things like being awkward, feeling insecure, or just generally goofing on the regular.


If you’re into Mario stuff and animated videos, SMG4 is the channel for you. Silliness and a Nintendo classic meet to provide you with slightly unsettling animated goodness.