Wondering how to keep it light but still be kitted out for travel videography? Here are our top travel vlogging must haves!

Believe it or not, it is possible to be a successful travel vlogger by using lightweight and affordable equipment and without a tonne of additional accessories weighing you down.

Being able to move about freely and comfortably is incredibly important when travelling for an extended period of time. In order to make sure you can capture your experiences in the highest quality whilst maintaining your freedom, we have listed some absolute must haves for any travel vlogger.


Not all high quality cameras have to be backbreaking work to carry around. Lightweight and good image stabilization are important features to look out for, and are present on many compact cameras. The main benefit of a compact camera is, you guessed it, they are small and in many cases can fit right in your pocket. However, with compact cameras you are stuck with the same lens throughout the camera’s life, but if you make a slightly bigger investment this does not need to hold you back. As compact cameras are literally point and shoot they are the perfect bit of equipment for spontaneous filming and capturing those “blink and you’ll miss it” moments.

Mirrorless cameras are also a great option, and with a larger sensor they can handle shooting in poorer light better than a compact. It is also possible the switch out the lenses of a mirrorless, meaning you can upgrade your lenses without replacing the entire camera. The disadvantage of a mirrorless camera is that they are not as small as a compact and tend to be more expensive. Many travel vloggers are able to put out high quality visual content using a trusty compact.


Using built-in camera microphones and achieving high quality audio can be almost impossible, particularly atop a blustery mountain range or sheltering from the rain in your van. However, this doesn’t mean you need to break the bank getting hold of a decent external microphone. The Rode Smartlav+ connects to any audio app that accepts input from the headset connection of your smartphone, is omni-directional and versatile, all whilst being just $78.95 on Amazon!

Another fantastic choice is the Zoom H1n, a durable external recorder that manages professional level audio, fits nicely in your pocket and is available for the reasonable price of $119.99.

Briefly mentioned previously, that pesky wind can cause a bit of trouble when trying to capture audio out and about. This is where the windshield becomes your new best friend. Available in a vast array of shapes, sizes and fluff-levels, the microphone windshield is an inexpensive bit of kit that will allow you clear, crisp audio even when battling against howling gales.


A tripod, particularly if travelling solo, is a blessing that ought not be overlooked. For me, the versatility and flexibility of a gorillapod makes it the number one choice. This futuristic sci-fi looking creature can be adjusted to cling to all kinds of surfaces, whether they are even or not. Want to shoot in front of a once in a lifetime sunset, but halfway up the side of a jagged cliff? Not a problem. A gorillapod is affordable and easy to transport, and has the liberating quality of enabling you to shoot from all sorts of weird and wonderful places.


As with all visual content, adding music can help to emphasize an emotion or create atmosphere and really help your vlogs stand out. Fortunately, this can be done without needing to carry heavy equipment or gear, all you need is internet access and Synchedin! We offer a wide range of amazing music from known independent artists for a very small monthly or yearly subscription!