Livestreaming has become huge in the wake of lockdowns and social distancing. Check out who the top Twitch streamers in 2021 are so far!

Twitch is a fantastic livestreaming platform, predominantly focussed on gaming but is used for a whole host of things. You can catch talk shows and even, in the absence of physical gigs, live music performances. Lots of streamers take part just for fun, but many manage to draw in a huge audience. Those who aim to make it a career and earn money through Twitch will have employed some savvy tactics to grow their audience, as well as just producing great content. Here are the top Twitch streamers as of March 2021:


Known for his Minecraft videos, Tommy Simons, aka tommyinnit, has accumulated 4.4m followers on Twitch and 289,983 average viewers. He is also a successful YouTube hit, with his high energy and humorous approach a clear hit with viewers.


Félix Lengyel, aka xQcOW, is a Canadian twitch streamer with 7.9m followers and 70,916 average viewers. He is a former professional Overwatch player, playing for the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League.


Mexican YouTuber Alexis, aka Quackity, is also a streamer known for his Twitch raids on online game communities. Some of his raids include games like Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel. Quackity has 2.9m followers and 180,416 average viewers.


An American gaming YouTuber and streamer, Karl Jacobs has 2.2m followers and 153,966 average viewers. He became popular after appearing on MrBeast’s challenge videos and being a part of the Dream SMP server.


The official Rocket League Twitch channel from Psyonix Studios boasts 2.7m followers and 102,597 average viewers. The channel consists of interviews of prominent players, as well as Championship match coverage.

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