Norse survival game Valheim is proving to be a huge hit on Steam, hitting 361,281 concurrent players and counting. Check out the excitement here!

Just two weeks after its release, Valheim has become one of Steam’s biggest games of all time. During its peak, for a time, the game was among the top 3 most played games on Steam, alongside Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. The game sees you dropped into a Norse map, left with very little to help you fend for yourself. Players must forage and fight to survive and build up their very own settlement.

In a matter of days, the Nordic survival game shot to the number one spot of Steam’s top sellers list, drawing in over 100,000 eager players. With the game being released on Early Access, it has not been without its faults. A nasty bug which threatens to destroy the worlds of players is yet to be resolved. CEO of Iron Gate, the developer behind this hit, has taken to Twitter to advise how to protect yourself against this.

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