With more people cutting down on their animal product intake, why not add some plant-based cooking to your channel. Check out these delicious vegan baking recipes!

You don’t need to be a long-time, dedicated vegan to enjoy dairy or egg-free desserts and baked treats. When it comes to running a cooking channel on YouTube, it’s always good to mix things up. Variety is the spice of life, after all. So, even if you don’t usually cover vegan dishes, now is your chance.

The idea of being a flexitarian, where you dedicated a day or two a week to plant-based eating, has become much more popular. With this, the audience for vegan meals and snacks has grown larger. If you’re hoping to promote your channel and gain subscribers, casting a wider net with some tasty vegan baking recipes is a scrumptious way to do it.

Why baking? When putting together ingredients for something like a cake, there are lots of cool filming opportunities. Overhead videos are super popular when it comes to sharing baking tutorials. It’s so satisfying to watch pre-measured bowls of components be lovingly thrown together to create a delectable cake or pastry. Also, the aesthetic appeal of a beautifully decorated batch of cupcakes is perfect fodder for a scroll-stopping thumbnail.

Without further ado, here are some vegan baking recipes that’ll get you and your audience salivating with abandon!

Easy Cookie Recipes

People love cooking videos that promise them something, whether that’s simplicity or speed. Easy recipes do well, as they tend to offer both. The possibility for multiple options also makes for a perfect recipe video, just like this cookie one from Liv B.

Chocolate Cake

A crowd pleaser and all round classic, chocolate cake is a winner every time. This recipe from Hot Chocolate Hits promises the best ever chocolate cake, that just so happens to also be vegan friendly.

Vegan Croissants

Flaky, buttery, luxurious and vegan. That’s right, you can enjoy your favourite European brunch pastries without any dairy in sight. This recipe from Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen is simple to follow, and a joy to make.

Baked Donuts

An alternative to the deep-fried classics, these vegan baked donuts offer variation in flavours, all whilst looking irresistible. Vegan But Lazy shows you how to make them in satisfyingly speedy time-lapse.

Cornish Pasty

Not all baking has to be sweet, of course! We couldn’t leave out the national dish of Synchedin HQ – a proper Cornish pasty. The classic is filled with beef steak, onion, potato, and swede (although, confusingly, it’s referred to as turnip in Cornwall). This recipe from A Vegan Visit provides a lovely rough-puff version of the classic.