Photography is so much more than just pointing and shooting. With so many magic tricks possible, let us explain when to use a wide angle lens!

What is a Wide Angle Lens?

I’m sure you have figured this out for yourself already, but, a wide angle lens is a type of camera lens. This type of lens enables you to capture more of a scene within a photograph.

It also enables the ability of exaggerating relative size, meaning the emphasizing of subjects in the foreground. A wide angle lens can also alter the seeming distance between objects.

Demonstration of effects of wide angle lens, as Joe and Jill Biden appear enlarged.

When Should You Use One & Why?

As you can see from the photo above, you need to be careful about when and how you use a wide angle lens. Get it wrong, and you can make past presidents and their wives appear as ventriloquist dummies.

You can check out lots of awesome photography classes on Skillshare, if you fancy a deep dive. But, we’ll quickly explain when the best time to opt for wide angle is.

Street Photography

These lenses are ideal when you’re out and about, trying to capture the essence of a city. With plenty going on, you’ll want to photograph every aspect of a scene.

In order to nail that sense of presence and get a great shot, you will need to get fairly up close and personal.


As a content creator, the gear you take for travel vlogging/blogging needs to be light. This usually means simply taking less with you. Taking a zoom or wide angle lens as standard can really help out with this.

You’ll likely be spending more time capturing vast shots, rather than focussing on small details. Snapping landscapes, landmarks and scenic images means this type of lens will be the perfect travel companion.

Real Estate

Ever seen a house advertised online that looked spacious and airy, only to view it in person and discover it’s pokey and small? Thanks, wide angle lenses.

There are lots of ways to sell a house; bake fresh bread, apply a fresh lick of paint, NFTs of artworks of the house

But, well-considered photography is a classic. It’s an age-old trick (or strategy, depending on your perspective), but it really does work. An ultra-wide lens is actually recommended for interiors. Be careful not to distort things too much, though, or the images will just be a dead giveaway!