A wide variety of creative projects benefit from the use of Foley and SFX. Find out where you can find free SFX, whatever you’re working on!

Synchedin is stoked to now offer sound effects to creators, for use in videos, films, podcasts and any other project you can think of. Creating SFX can be a fun process, with unexpected items used to make certain noises. Fruit and veg SFX are a classic for producing gruesome noises, and a Jack Russell can become a tyrannosaurus rex in the world of Foley.

As enjoyable as creating your own SFX can be, it can be an equally fiddly and time-consuming process. But with SFX now available on Synchedin the hard work has already been done for you.

Synchedin offers a range of SFX on a royalty free and creative commons basis. The difference between royalty free and CC0 is that to use royalty free SFX you will need a paid subscription. At just $3.99 per month for access to the entire catalogue of SFX, we think this is a pretty great deal.

However, if you’re after free SFX then we have a whole host of fantastic creative commons effects. Working on a new YouTube video all about space travel? Check out the NASA sound effects for out of this world soundscapes or victorious landing announcements. Or you could inject some political realism into your latest film project with one of our presidential speeches and political addresses.

Download unlimited SFX without paying a dime and elevate your content creation project with Synchedin!