Have you kicked off 2021 by starting a new project? We bet that project needs music. Here’s where to find the best royalty free music in 2021!

There are a fair few reasons why adding music to your videos is important. If you’re trying to establish yourself as a fantastic vlogger on YouTube, using music in your videos adds excitement, helps tell stories and gives a production that professional edge. Perhaps you’re an indie filmmaker and need to put together an epic soundtrack. Possibly even more important than videos, music in film can make or break a movie. However, not everyone has a Hollywood budget for the tracks they use in their creative projects. So where can you get hold of awesome music without breaking the bank?


Synchedin has a massive library of the best royalty free music for all kinds of projects. From podcasts to films, commercials to Twitch streams. We have tracks covering a broad range of genres and moods, so there is something for everyone. If you’re wondering where to begin, there are a few points to consider regarding how to choose the right music. Browsing and listening is a big part of the process, and fortunately the Synchedin site is set up to enable you to do just that. You can even search for tracks by mood, letting you really use your creative instincts to steer yourself towards the right music.

Why Royalty Free?

Why royalty free? Unfortunately you can’t just grab any track that you like the sound of. Music can be covered by many forms of copyright, like creative commons. Royalty free refers to a type of license. It essentially means “free of royalty”. With royalty free you can use the sound or music recording, and you don’t have to pay further royalties to the original copyright holder. All the music on Synchedin sits under this license, with the sync license also covered. So, no need to worry about any confusing copyright claims!