Creating your own website or blog, but unsure where to start? Check out these WordPress for beginners tutorials, and become a pro in no time!

If you’re a creative freelancer, claiming your very own corner of the internet is an important step in your journey. Of course, you can use social media platforms like Instagram to run a small business, but a slick website definitely adds that professional edge.

As a creative individual trying to run your own life, the likelihood is that you’re already very busy. This means learning web design and development from scratch is probably off the cards. Equally, paying someone else to d these things for you might not agree with the classically tight budget of a freelancer. Fortunately, there are inexpensive and accessible alternatives. Using website builders like WordPress enables you to create a functional and attractive website without a tonne of in-depth expertise.

Just like with anything new, there is plenty of learning required when it comes to setting up a website this way. In the interest of saving you time, we’ve put together a list of the best WordPress for beginners tutorials. And the best part? They’re all available for free on YouTube.

A channel set up to help everyone learn code for free, this video takes you through every step of learning WordPress. Aimed solely at beginners, there’s no coding involved in this tutorial, so don’t panic if you’re unfamiliar! You’ll learn how to get a domain name and hosting, install WordPress, use a theme, customise the exact website you want, and more.

Create WP Site

From a dedicated WordPress channel, this up-to-date video takes the seemingly overwhelming and makes it simple. This guide recognises that installing WordPress itself can be challenging to complete beginners. Designed to help first time users of WordPress, this video is perfect for getting started with the basics.

Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore teaches people with no coding experience how to create professional websites. His videos are step by step, and promises no steps are missed. This means his WordPress for beginners tutorial is comprehensive and covers all the important bases. Learn how to get your domain name and hosting, install WordPress, import your website and customise it in any way you want. You can then even learn how to make an original logo and install security.

Santrel Media

Santrel Media is a brand that offers innovative marketing solutions to companies large and small, as well as individuals. This tutorial guides total beginners through from installing WordPress and getting a host, to adding plugins. With this guide, you’ll be able to set up your own website, and tailor to exactly fit your requirements.