About Us

Synchedin is part of the RouteNote Music Group.



What does my Synchedin license include?

Synchedin license allows you to use music from our catalogue in any video production on any platform worldwide. Full commercial use for all projects.


How long does my Synchedin license last?

Forever. Any song you download with an active subscription can be used in any project in perpetuity.


Does the Synchedin license end if my subscription expires?

No. Once you download a song with an active subscription you are able to use that track in your project forever.


How often do you add new music?

Daily. We are adding new music to our catalogue on a daily basis.


Are there any license restrictions?

The Licensed Work shall not be used by You in a Production which is considered pornographic, nor in a Production considered a political advertisement, nor in a Production which advertises any pornographic or gambling entity, nor in Production that encourages violence and/or contains hate-speech and/or fake-news and/or racist/discriminatory remarks.


Is Synchedin Music added to YouTube Content ID?

Some. Some of the Synchedin catalogue is added to YouTube Content ID. Creators can easily dispute these claims with their License ID and all claims will be removed as soon as possible.


How do I remove a claim on a Synchedin Track within YouTube Content ID?

Simpy Dispute the claim and in the comments include your Synchedin license ID. Once the License ID is seen by our Content ID Partner the claim will be removed.


How do I add my music to Synchedin?

Synchedin catalogue is currently by invitation only via our exclusive content partner - RouteNote.


Can I use music from Synchedin to create and distribute my own song?

No! No rights are granted to creators for right to copy, reproduce, distribute, commercialise or sell the Licensed Work as a stand-alone musical product, soundtrack, or in a bundle with other musical works.


How do I pay for my Synchedin subscription?

You can pay with Paypal or credit card.


Is the Synchedin subscription automatically renewed?

Your license will renew automatically unless you choose to cancel.

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