Despotem is a Synchedin artist who has been receiving a fair bit of attention recently. Learn more about them and their music right here!

Beginning their music making endeavours in 2015, Despotem is a musician, DJ and producer from the Netherlands. Electronic styles are predominantly the focus, with tracks ranging from EDM to Trap. This artist spent the first two years of their career experimenting with different sounds and styles before settling into their chosen niche. In 2018 the debut release of the EP “Leaving” was made, but it was the track “Stay” that made a breakthrough in 2019.

Since then, Despotem has been incredibly prolific, collaborating with other musicians and producers. This means their Spotify page is chock-full of fantastic tracks, their output seemingly gaining momentum in 2020. We’re pleased to feature this artist’s tracks within our catalogue and offer their music to you! So if you are a content creator looking for some awesome EDM tracks for your project, look no further. Powerful drops and polished vocals means Despotem’s music will give your project a professional, attention grabbing edge.

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