Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, is introducing a new program called Partner Plus that will give successful creators a larger share of their subscription revenue. Under the Partner Plus program, creators who maintain at least 350 recurring paid subscriptions (gifts and Prime subscriptions do not count) for three consecutive months will receive a 70% share of their net subscription revenue, up to a maximum of $100,000 per calendar year. This is up from the standard 50/50 revenue split that Twitch currently offers to its partners.

The Partner Plus program is a significant move by Twitch to incentivize its creators to grow their audiences. By offering a larger share of subscription revenue to successful creators, Twitch is hoping to encourage them to stream more often and to produce higher-quality content. The Partner Plus program is also a way for Twitch to compete with other live streaming platforms, such as YouTube Gaming, which offer similar revenue sharing programs.