Not a fan of the fluffy bobble glaring out at the camera? Here are some clever places you can hide a lavalier microphone!

What is a Lavalier Mic?

There are many types of microphone, it can be daunting knowing which to choose. There are different ones for recording your voice, capturing Foley, and mics for live music. So, what exactly is a lavalier mic, and what are they used for?

A lavalier mic is a small microphone, most commonly used in television, theatre and public speaking situations. They are a fantastic hands-free option, and are normally attached to clothing using a clip. If you picture a TV news reporter, you’ll probably see a fluffy black or grey blob attached to the collar of their coat or shirt.

Of course, not all lavaliers are fluffy, but if you want to avoid roaring wind noise, then a furry windshield is a wise move.

Microphone giants, RODE have put together this informative video explaining how a lavalier works and how you can use one.

How to Hide a Lavalier Microphone

Now you know exactly what a lavalier is, and how to connect one up and use it, here are some nifty ways to make it invisible!

There area few problems you can come up against when using a lavalier mic. These include the risk of clothes rubbing against the mic and rustling, as well as the slack wire being handled and causing noise. But, with some clever placement, and the liberal use of tape or other sticky things, you can combat this.

This video from director, writer, cinematographer and producer, D4Darious lets you in on all the sneaky hiding places perfect for lav mics.

If you’re an indie or student filmmaker with a tight budget, wireless options may not be available to you. This doesn’t mean you have to put up with visible cables ruining your vision.

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