Social media is perfect for brand awareness, but you really want people heading to your site. Here’s how to add links on Instagram, and send them in the right direction!

Instagram is utilised for both personal and business use. Proven to be a fantastic free social media marketing tool, the image and video sharing platform enables users to grab audiences in myriad ways. Once you’ve grabbed your audience with amazing content, how do you complete the next step and send them onward to where you want them to go?

You could be an online shop, a SaaS company, or an individual artist. Herding people to a specific website might result in product sales, new subscriptions, or ticket sales. But, you may have noticed it isn’t possible to add a URL to a post caption. So, where can you use them?

Link In Bio

Instagram allows you to set up your profile by adding a few key bits of information. You can add your name, handle, bio and a website link. This applies to both personal and professional Instagram accounts.

Okay, the link might technically not be written in the bio section, but it will appear to your followers, or whoever stumbles upon your profile, to be in there. This is the ideal opportunity to add a link to your website or wherever you want people to end up at the time. You can update this whenever you want, so links can change as and when required.

Link Stickers

One popular way to add links on Instagram, up until recently, was the swipe-up feature. This feature appeared on Stories, but was only available to users with at least 10,000 followers. Lately, this has been replaced with link stickers. Similar to adding music or polls, users can select the link sticker, which will then appear on their story.

It seems, currently, that this feature is also only available to those who previously had the option to add a swipe-up.

Shopping Tags

In order to benefit from shopping tags, you must first ensure you have a business account on Instagram. There are a few eligibility requirements which must be met as well.

Once you have completed all the necessary steps and set up your Instagram Shop, you’ll need to turn on shopping features. Tap the menu icon on your profile, and head to Settings. Then, tap Business and then Shopping. From here, select the product catalogue you wish to connect, and hit Done.

After this, you will be able to tag your products in Stories, Reels, IGTV and livestreams.

Link Providers

Rather than adding a link, this option really is about adding links on Instagram. Plural. The ability to add a link to your bio is one that can and should be capitalised on. Rather than settling for one solitary link, using a third party link provider enables you to share multiple links in one place. This way, you can share your website, specific pages, and just about anything else you want people to discover.

We particularly recommend Not only perfect for musicians and artists, this link provider offers heavy customisation and flexibility. You can capture new supporters with Fan Links, and increase your following whatever it is you’re up to. Keep all your links on one sleek landing page that showcases every platform you appear on.

This option is brilliant for individuals, as well as businesses of all sizes, thanks largely to its financial accessibility. That’s right, it’s free. Make the mots of Fan Links without spending a dime!