Knowledge is power, and it’s going to take a lot of power to put things right. Learn about how to tackle climate change for Earth Day 2022 with these fantastic podcasts!

Each year, Earth Day rolls around. First held on the 22nd of April 1970, it’s an annual day to support the protection of the environment. These days, numerous events take place around the globe, coordinated by The official theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest In Our Planet. This year, the organisation is encouraging everyone to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably).

With so many people now investing in NFTs, it’s becoming more and more crucial to raise awareness of the impact certain developments (tech or otherwise) are having on the planet. The environmental impact of crypto has been a divisive topic, but new tech has also meant positive movements, e.g. electric vehicles.

You can do your bit for Earth Day 2022. If you’re unsure how, or indeed why it’s important, check out these informative podcasts about climate change!

How to Save a Planet

From Gimlet Media, How to Save a Planet is a show to get you energised about climate change. Journalist, Alex Blumberg and a crew of self-confessed climate nerds come together to bring you smart and inspiring stories. If you’re worried about the mess we’re all in, this show offers ideas on how we can get out of it.

Climate of Change

Cate Blanchett, star of Don’t Look Up, and green energy pioneer, Danny Kennedy are joined by guests to discuss climate change and its developments. Climate of Change takes a hopeful view on things, the pair talk solar energy implementation, and bringing renewable energy to low income communities.

Comedians Conquering Climate Change

Comedians Conquering Climate Change is hosted by comedian, writer, and teacher Esteban Gast. It pitches itself as the funniest, friendliest, and shortest podcast about climate change there is. So, if you wanted to get informed fast, without things getting too serious, this could be the show for you.

The Climate Question

From the BBC, The Climate Question is a podcast that poses questions as to why we find it so hard to save our own planet. It asks things like, “why are we still buying SUVs?” and “are we putting too much faith in electric vehicles?” The show explores questions like these, as well as offers possible solutions.

Good Together

This podcast from Brightly aims to inspire and uplift you. Climate change and the environment can be heavy, daunting topics. Good Together features daily, actionable tips to help you live your life more sustainably. Learn all about the circular economy, or get advice on how to really live a zero-waste lifestyle.

The Climate Pod

The Climate Pod is hosted by Ty and Brock Benefiel. It’s both a lively and comprehensive show that looks at a range of issues surrounding the climate crisis. Guests such as Bill Nye, and Don’t Look Up writer and director David Sirota and Adam McKay, join the pair in this long-running conversation. Listen to chats about big tech, America’s use of fossil fuels, and the Doomsday Glacier.