ENDOLPHXNS expertly noodles their way into the Synchedin Spotlight with their fiercely virtuosic jazz fusion bop, Zeus.

ENDOLPHXNS (aka Synchedin jazz artist Mr Hall’s Coffee Shop Jazz Ensemble) composes with a thorough knowledge of both jazz and rock styles. Their tunes on Spotify, Persephone and Zeus, share enjoyable similarities. Both boast fantastically wavy guitar sounds, hefty drums, and even more immense riffs. While ENDOLPHXNS may not have the largest catalogue of music available yet, we’re excited to hear what’s next!

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Zeus begins with dainty, finger style guitar playing. A truly classic swung jazz ride joins the ranks of the clean guitar tone. Before you can get too comfortable, however, a complete 180 hits when a chunky drum beat sweeps across the established jazz groove. This next swaggering section is truly the pinnacle of when jazz meets rock.

An almost bossa nova-esque tom-tom groove paves the way for fantastic piano, which twinkles and dances around on top of the mix. We imagine this song, especially during this section, to be an excellent music pairing for a quirky mini-game or perhaps a larger scale games development.

This ideal sync pairing is only accentuated when the following riff enters. Huge riffs complete with exciting triplet style rhythmic stutters and bass guitar virtuosity make this track perfect for racing games, or for your Twitch stream.

If you survive these face melting riffs, you’re treated to another round of lighter jazz tones. This is combined with wide, open grooves. However, we can’t recommend enough that you listen until at least 1 minute 50 – when the drum solo commences. Not only is it refreshing to hear a drum solo where the music continues on naturally (like all over instrumental solos do!), it’s amazing to listen to a both impressively performed and recorded solo.

You can download Zeus as well as a huge selection of other background jazz music to accompany your online content, all from Synchedin. For only $4.99 a month, you can access unlimited downloads of a world of jazz, rock, hip hop and much, much more!