Livestreaming just got easier following an update to the Facebook Music Guidelines. Check out what this means if you’re a gaming livestreamer!

This means that gamers will soon have access to a wider selection of tracks to use without copyright issues within their livestreams, however there are still going to be some restricted tracks that you will need the correct licenses to use.

Using music to create a “music listening experience” is still not allowed, a streamer’s voice and/or gameplay audio should be in the foreground.

This is currently only available for partnered creators, but they’re hoping to roll this out to all gaming creators soon. In the meantime, they suggest continuing to use Sound Collection for royalty-free music options.

To be sure that you have the right licensing for playing music within your livestream on Facebook, check out Synchedin!

By subscribing to Synchedin, you can use any music on the Synchedin Library in your livestreams and uploads with no copyright issues.

You can even curate your own playlists from the Synchedin Library – How to curate your own playlists in Synchedin.