We’ve noticed that this artist has been getting a lot of love lately, so we thought it was time for an artist highlight. It’s all about Ahrix!

Ahrix, aka Arjen, is a music producer from the Netherlands. More than deserving of an artist highlight, he has been skilfully making music since 2011. Inspired by Norwegian producer K-391, Ahrix created his first track, Nova. Now with over 62 millions streams on Spotify alone, Nova has become a firm favourite with content creators all round the globe. Due to this, we are stoked at Synchedin to feature Nova in our catalogue of awesome royalty free music!

In March 2020 Ahrix was fortunate enough to work with his hero, K-391, along with DJ and producer legend, Alan Walker. Together, by blending their individual styles, they reimagined Nova into Ahrix’s most popular track, End of Time.

Originally producing tracks of an electro-house nature, Ahrix has since stated that he is aiming at moving away from this. Seemingly wishing to span genres, the goal of combining as many influences as possible has become the priority. Ahrix cites such influences as Porter Robinson, Madeon and Anamanaguchi. Ahrix’s latest release from November 2020, Believe, is notably different from his earlier releases. Although still as crisp and clean as ever, there is a definite air of sophistication and perhaps maturity present. Clever manipulation of layering, paired with abrupt textural changes and the use of more classical instrumentation make Believe a thrilling listen.

At the beginning of 2021 Ahrix shared on his Instagram that he has lots of project ideas and plans for the forthcoming year. We’re certainly excited to see what he comes out with next!

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