It’s important when settling into a long gaming session that you’re comfortable. Here are the best PC gaming chairs in 2021!

Do you love to broadcast your gaming sessions on Twitch? If you’re a serious gamer, like affiliate level serious, then you’ll know that you have to put the hours in. Of course, it’s important to have great gaming headsets and a whole host of essential equipment for streaming, if that’s your jam. But, regardless of whether you’re streaming or not, you need to be looking after your body. Plus, the better the chair, the longer you can game. Here are the top 5 gaming chairs for you to get your hands on in 2021!

Corsair T3 Rush

Racing style gaming chairs not clad in leather are tricky to come by, particularly at an affordable price. However, the Corsair T3 Rush is just that. The memory foam lumbar support is a dream, but it’s the breathable soft fabric that makes this gaming chair so great. This chair also reclines 180 degrees. You could literally lie back and have a power nap between speed runs.

Secretlab Omega

Again, decent lower back support is vital, and you will get that from the Omega series chairs from Secretlab. With their memory foam cushioning and velour headrests, these chairs mould themselves beautifully around you. The racing seat design also boasts serious adjusting capabilities, along with a versatile tilt mechanism. These are chairs that have comfort and style locked down, and are worth every penny.

Noblechairs Epic

The Noblechairs Epic is a quality chair that is really built to last. A simple and understated plain black design, this chair is comprised of a healthy amount of sturdy metal. This means it is super durable and will have no trouble supporting you through your gaming marathons. 4D armrests allow you to adjust this chair perfectly to whatever position you assume. Covered in vegan friendly PU leather, and beautifully stitched, this chair holds a classy sports car vibe, and is definitely worth the investment.

Arozzi Vernazza

The Arozzi Vernazza certainly gives off the slick Italian sports car vibe, and is a great option that is pushing on being budget. It offers lumbar support slightly higher up the back, so if that’s your preference then this chair is ideal. It has 3D adjustable armrests, making it nicely accommodating. However, the armrests do not lock into position, so careful how you drag this one around (maybe opt for the shuffly feet method).

Razer Iskur

Gaming accessories giant Razer, alongside a futuristic face mask design, offer fantastic gaming chairs. Their contender for best PC gaming chair is the Iskur – a pro looking racing style seat with accommodating comfort. Its design aims to support gamers from 5ft 6 to 6ft 2, and weighing up to 299 lbs. The carefully sculpted lumbar cushioning gives the much-needed support, and the moulded foam provides all over comfort. Featuring the serpentine logo, this chair is unmistakably Razer and a great choice for your gaming set up.

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