Borrtex adds to his ever-expanding discography with his beautifully cinematic new ambient instrumental Digital Distraction.

Borrtex (aka Daniel Bordovsky) is no stranger to Synchedin, and has appeared as our Spotlight many times now. Daniel’s impressive work ethic never fails to deliver. He consistently releases fantastic new cinematic compositions, and the quality of each new release only exceeds that of the last.

Daniel describes himself as a ‘minimalist piano composer’, however the quantity of his work is anything but minimalist. Having amassed a staggering 100 million streams in total across his streaming platforms, it’s no wonder that the name Borrtex has caught the attention of industry giants such as Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and Danny Elfman.

Digital Distraction begins with tentative strings, accompanied by a slow, ambient atmosphere which peacefully washes over the listener. True to his aforementioned self-description, minimalist piano chords politely enter the soundscape. A sombre, wistful tone is set. Bolder strings are introduced to reinforce the harmonic mood, giving the piece an even more heightened sense of emotion. Even at the halfway mark, it’s clear that Digital Distraction is the perfect instrumental for syncing to cinematic videos, indie films and other emotive content.

Interestingly, Borrtex released this single alongside an additional iteration of the same piece of music. The alternative version features narration from an elderly sounding gentlemen. The narration tells a brief anecdote on how time spent with loved ones mere decades ago was more cherished than it is in today’s digital age. The phrase “maybe we no longer see the difference between solitude and loneliness” particularly hits home in this narrated version. Combined with the emotive themes set by Borrtex’s artful use of harmony, the narration perfectly ties in an important moral. The devices that were supposed to bring us together in actual fact keep us less connected than before.

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