If you’re looking for the auditory embodiment of easy breezy but with a spring in its step, we got you. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Dreamy Morning Stroll by Papoom8!

Centring predominantly around the guitar, Papoom8 creates indie folk and easy listening tracks that are always beautifully crisp and clean. Dreamy Morning Stroll, his latest release, is no exception.

An acoustic track, you are greeted with an immediate sense of gentleness and lightness. The promise of the track’s title is delivered instantly as finger picked guitar and a steady beat invokes the feeling of sloping out the front door for an invigorating stomp. If you can think of a dreamier instrument than the glockenspiel, hit us up. As soon as the chime-like percussion enters, you are automatically lulled into waking-dream mode. The use of string sounds in the second half of the track injects some springiness and adds a layer of simple yet pleasurable melody.

Mild-mannered and light-hearted, Dreamy Morning Stroll is a much-needed breath of fresh air after much chaos and uncertainty. A reminder to take a moment and enjoy the simpler things, we feel it’s the natural choice for this week’s Synchedin Spotlight!

Check out what Papoom8 is up to by following on Instagram, and check out the rest of his music either on Spotify or on his Synchedin artist page.

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