This new vlogging grip will prolong the life of your Hero 10 and much more. Learn all about the GoPro Volta right here!

The GoPro is one of the most popular action cameras out there. Compact, hardy, and versatile, they’re a favourite amongst extreme sports videographers and vloggers alike. A camera range that can give you professional looking YouTube videos, as well as incredibly stabilised dirtbike POV, it also pairs with lots of useful accessories. Mounts and grips, like head mounts or even mouth grips, make the GoPro able to reach all kinds of unlikely places.

GoPro Volta

The newest accessory to be announced is the GoPro Volta. It’s a grippable handle/tripod, a both wired or wireless remote, plus a battery. The 4,900mAh battery actually, according to GoPro, has the ability to triple your camera’s battery life. If you’re shooting in 5.3k with a fully charged internal battery, you could shoot for up to 4 hours! Without the Volta, the Hero 10 manages around only 74 minutes if when shooting in 5.3k. This makes it perfect for vloggers filming out and about for longer periods.

Easily charge up your GoPro using the Volta via USB-C. Simply plug in the Volta to the camera, and hit a button. Supposedly, your camera can be fully charged within 2 and a half hours. There’s a quick charging option that lets you get the battery to 60% in an hour.

The camera buttons make one-handed filming a breeze. Detaching the Volta will enable you to control the camera remotely from up to 98 feet away too.

So far, the only downside to the GoPro Volta, according to early reviewers, is the fact it’s only weather-proof, rather than fully waterproof. This means that for cool diving or surfing footage, it’s still best to stick to floating grips.

Since the Volta works best in conjunction with things like the Media Mod, GoPro has created a new bundle. The Hero 10 Black Creator Edition bundle includes the camera, a Volta grip, a Media Mod (with built-in directional mic, plus 3.5mm in and HDMI-out ports), and the Light Mod.