Swiss Hip Hop artist Gakuseii McFly brings the heat with this week’s powerhouse Synchedin Spotlight. Drop (I Am Hip Hop) is a bold, passionate alternative hip hop banger that’s sure to provide the ferociousness you’re looking for to accompany your dynamic content.

New to Synchedin, Hip Hop artist and musician Gakuseii McFly already boasts an impressive number of high quality singles under his belt. Beginning his journey nearly 2 decades ago in 2003, McFly uses his craft to focus on self-reflection and improvement. He describes his music as a form of therapy and, as a mental health awareness advocate, hopes that his listeners find his music as helpful to them as it is to him, which we wholeheartedly support here at Synchedin.

Drop (I Am Hip Hop) kicks things into gear with some superb over-driven sound design, opening up the stage to great expectations to come. And McFly does not disappoint. The beat, curated by the masterful Black Rose Beatz, drops with a thunderous entrance from both McFly himself and a bass sound so huge we had to listen to this track at least 3 times to fully appreciate it. A flow so clean you could eat off it weaves its way through the gritty instrumental, carrying lyrics of self-empowerment and critical reflection. A brief pause in the beat gives the listener just enough time to reflect themselves before the beat comes back even harder than before. But that’s not all. A minute of intense anticipation leads us to a countdown to dubstep-esque, super-saw synth packed chorus. If we were to witness this drop live, it’d be very difficult to refrain from losing our minds.

We greatly look forward to seeing more from this talented hip hop artist and producer. Not only do we love his message of self-empowerment and reflection, but he also has some of the most impressive production skills of any new and upcoming hip hop artist. Subscribe to Synchedin today to ensure you never miss out on the next Gakuseii McFly anthem.