House music pioneer and founder of the Body Rhythm label Ross Couch astounds again with his stylish new bop Hold Me Close.

Ross Couch is a Scottish house producer who’s been active on the scene since 2001. Over the last 20 plus years, Ross has crafted an enviably consistent signature sound. In 2009, he reached No.1 on the Beatport Deep House sales chart. In a testament to his longevity, 10 years later, Tripping On Your Loving was featured at No.3 on their ‘Best House’ chart for all of 2019.

Couch also produces groovy, downtempo music under the alias Leanbacker. You can find all of Ross’ more lo-fi, jazzy beats as Leanbacker on Synchedin, too!

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Hold Me Close, was released via Ross’ own label, ‘Body Rhythm’. He describes the creation of his own label as a springboard to reaching “new heights” in his music career. Mixmag using a Body Rhythm track Somebody Like You as one of the 70 tracks which define deep house is a true testimonial to this.

Ross’ single Hold Me Close was released with both a full 7 plus minute version, and a more trim, punchy 3 minute radio edit version. The track begins with the stylistically crucial off-beat dance drum groove. Ross is no amateur, so of course the hand percussion is on point enough to keep the groove flowing.

In true house style, the track slowly begins to build. Adding wobbly synth stabs and building up the layers over time, head bobbing in time almost becomes infectious.

The track swells to a crescendo as the vocal sample enters. Accompanied by an all too familiar synth string legato, the vocal sample also provides a healthy dose of 90s nostalgia.

It’s incredibly easy to hear this track fitting in amazingly alongside a YouTube montage, a fitness workout video or maybe even a podcast transition. The energy is there, all that’s missing is your stellar content!

You can download more uplifting house tracks for your content by Ross Couch on Synchedin.

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