DaVinci Resolve is an insanely powerful (and free!) video editing tool. To help you get the most out of it, we’ve put together these helpful video editing tutorials to get you started. 

Developed by Blackmagic Design, DaVinci Resolve has become a firm favourite video editing software for those looking for advanced options on a budget. Particularly favoured for its in depth colour grading abilities, Resolve offers a pretty steep learning curve. But, the complexity does ultimately yield some awesome results. In order to help you tackle that steep curve, we’ve compiled some video editing tutorials to guide you through various aspects of the software.

Colour Grading Crash Course

Since DaVinci Resolve is so popular for its colour grading abilities, why not start there? Waqas Qazi presents this comprehensive guide to colour grading for beginners. If you’re a newbie, this video editing tutorial will deep dive, whilst ensuring you don’t drown. As the colour grading options are so extensive, this crash course makes for a lengthy video. However, even 42 minutes is fast for packing in all the vital info!

 By the end of the video you’ll be able to prep your footage for colour (conform), colour correct, adjust skin tones and more.

Green Screen

Sticking with the power of colour in DaVinci Resolve, this tutorial teaches you how to create green screen footage. Also knows as chroma keying, green screen allows you to get super creative. You can cook up dramatic scenery and otherworldly settings. The beauty of this video editing tutorial is that it’s simple to follow and very snappy. From the aptly named channel, Video Editing in a Minute, learn how to edit green screen footage in under 2 minutes!

Using Fusion

If you’re unfamiliar, Fusion is a page within DaVinci Resolve. It is responsible for all the “fancy stuff”, as Casey Faris would say. It takes care of things like visual effects, compositing and titles. Since it’s a page within Resolve, it saves you having to head to another programme like After Effects. This video will introduce you to nodes, as well as masks and effects.

Fairlight Audio

Another page that lives within DaVinci Resolve is the audio editing tool, Fairlight. Alli, from Alli and Will, walks you through the abilities of Fairlight, and helps with navigation of the tool. Every detail is covered, including how to stay organised as you’re working on your video’s audio. This is the perfect video for anyone who is a Fairlight beginner, and, at just 16 minutes long, you don’t have to wait too long to start editing your audio!

Object Removal

You may want to omit something for comedy purposes, or get rid of an annoying distraction in the background. If so, then being able to remove objects from your footage is a very handy skill to have, and gives you a lot of flexibility. This video editing tutorial focuses on just that. Aram K takes you through the concept and process of removing an object, from tracking the object to the actual removal. A fun and useful trick to know, this video helps you nail object removal in less than five minutes.