As if the first Synchedin Spotlight of December wouldn’t be a Christmas track. This week it’s the heartwarming Meet Me In The Snow by Laura Durdey, The Christmas Collective!

If the audio equivalent of the feeling when you step into a warm, cosy pub out of the snow is top of your Christmas list this year, you’re in for a treat. Laura Durdey presents The Christmas Collective, a 13-piece band brimming with festive feeling. A multi-instrumentalist from the UK, Laura has a talent for composition as well, combining smart lyrics with rich, smooth vocals.

It’s these gorgeous vocals, along with traditionally Christmassy keys that delicately begin Meet Me In The Snow. A track steeped in festive romance, the expressive lyrics tell a classic tale of separation and unification. The vocal melody contains plenty of movement, rising and falling steadily as the keys tinkle in the background.

As the rest of the band starts to strike up, the scene is colourfully set – all Christmas lights, mulled wine, and reminiscent conversation. Warmth and depth comes from the electric bass, which rings out beneath sustained piano chords. As the track hangs, suspended like artfully positioned mistletoe, baritone vocals join to duet and pull us back into a winter wonderland of romance.

Acoustic drums splash into the mix, steadily leading the clean electric guitar which meanders freely, interjecting melodically. Layers of backing vocals create a sense of fullness, also emphasising the tender and heartfelt nature of Meet Me In The Snow.

Following the same initial vocal melody, the male vocal takes centre stage, offering the other perspective within the narrative. Equally as smooth and rich, the two voices blend together beautifully to highlight certain phrases. As the electric guitar grows more busy, and the vocal delivery strengthens, the track builds in emotion. Bright brass from the trumpet marks a climactic shift.

The overall feel of the track grows less delicate and more powerful in yearning. Although crisply mixed, the numerous instrumental layers forge an active foundation for the increasingly sentimental vocals. Of course, no romantic musical outpouring is complete without classic strings, so it’s a welcome treat when violin bursts into the mix.

Ending with a full duet and gradual fading of instruments, you can almost see each character looking longingly out of a snowy window frame into the chilly night. Of course, a shake of sleigh bells to officially mark the festiveness of the song. Meet Me In The Snow is the perfect track for Christmas film projects or moving video montages.

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