Epic orchestral composer Dragon Soundworlds flies into this week’s Spotlight with their dramatic piece Plague Doctor’s Dark & Twisted Alchemy.

Dragon Soundworlds is a cinematic, hybrid orchestral composer as well as a classically trained pianist currently based in Bangkok. Their music features huge orchestral sounds, dramatic choirs and epic drums combined to create unique and thematic ‘soundworlds’, perfect for games developments and indie films.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is one of Dragon Soundworlds‘ later releases, titled Plague Doctor’s Dark & Twisted Alchemy. This release is technically a remaster of the initial song release.

Our Spotlight track this week begins with an intensely dramatic choir and string section, belting out dual chords simultaneously. The strings soon begin to pick up the pace and intensity with some cinematic broken chords.

Epic taiko drumming begins, giving this piece an exciting action-film like pace. The strings and choir begin to deviate into classic Dragon Soundworlds type melodies, as the broken chords and taiko drumming keep the intensity aflame.

After flitting between exciting sections alternately, a new section filled with exciting rhythmic stabs enters. This moment would be amazing when accompanying an intense battle or fight scene.

We loop back round the main theme once more, before arriving at a glorious rising choral passage. This epic section could reflect a moment of hope or triumph in the aforementioned fight scene!

After continually ascending through chords, we stop off at a break passage where just the upbeat taiko drums are playing. The sound of these taiko drums is not dissimilar to the kind of drum sounds you can hear in Call of Duty games.

For just $4.99 a month, you can download all of Dragon Soundworlds orchestral epics exclusively on Synchedin. They also host their alternative beat making project, A Dragon Called Zen, exclusively on Synchedin too.