A tense, foreboding Halloween soundscape perfect for eerie content – Francesca’s Secret by Pablo Samonta is this week’s Synchedin Spotlight.

Pablo Samonta is a music composer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently bases himself in Barcelona, Spain. Over the course of his career, Samonta developed his music production and recording skills, opening up new doors for his compositions.

Today, Pablo is the founder of hypotenuza, and constantly creates new music under a variety of monikers including Pangeara and CATHETUS b, to name a few. His music regularly appears in TV shows and media around the world.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Francesca’s Secret, begins with a spooky synth lead over an ominous synth bass drone. Already, things are beginning to sound a bit secretive and tense.

The space in this piece really helps build the tension in any scene. Before long, an action movie-eqsue delayed drum sound enters, ever so subtly building the tension a degree more.

A foreboding feeling arises as an arpeggiated pedal note adds depth and a further sense of anticipation to this dramatic piece. Of course, no horror score is complete without the mandatory piano and/or harpsichord part – luckily this piece treats you to a bit of both!

Francesca’s Secret is just one track off the album, titled The Villain of Begosville. This entire album is a masterclass study in the art of composing tension building music. Furthermore, this album is available in its entirety on Synchedin.

Samonta’s amazing use of space in his melodies make this piece perfect for syncing with indie thriller films, spooky YouTube content or even some light-hearted Halloween fun!

You can download all of Pablo Samonta’s spooky instrumental soundscapes from Synchedin.

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