Whilst you can use software for films and as vlog editors, some are geared towards one more than the other. Here’s 5 of the greatest video editing software for vloggers out there!

Editing a feature length film project is very different to editing a video that is destined for YouTube. With that said, your vlogs and YouTube videos still need to look professional and slick in order to attract subscribers and boost views. Since editing is one of the biggest chunks when it comes to video content creation, getting the software right is key.

There are plenty of video editing software options out there, but it can be difficult to decide between them. We’ve gathered the best vlog editors, free and paid, to make your decision easier.


First on our list of video editing software for vloggers is Apple’s free offering, iMovie. Coming without extra cost on all Macs, this software is ideal for newbie video makers. It offers loads of practical features, making it a good choice even for slightly more advanced editing. Plenty of cool effects and useful tools makes, along with the lack of cost, means it’s hard to sniff at.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is free during the 30-day trial. Which means plenty of time to figure out if it’s the right fit for you. The beginner level cousin of Premiere Pro, Elements is an incredibly robust editing package. A guided mode can lead you through processes as you develop editing skills like trimming clips, adding audio, and adding basic visual effects.

Davinci Resolve

Another totally free of charge editor, Davinci Resolve is an incredibly powerful and comprehensive software. This is one that works well as a vlog editor, but is also perfect for more technical stuff. Since most vlog editing involves trimming, adding audio, and some visual effects and transitions, you’ll be more than equipped with Davinci. The only drawback is the steep learning curve, however there are lots of great tutorials available.


Perfect for new creators, Camtasia is a great beginner video editing software for beginner vloggers. It enables you to capture your screen, webcam, and chosen audio all at once. This simplifies the process for many creators who want to specialise in Let’s Play style videos.

Filmora X

Filmora X is intuitive and simple to use, with a wide variety of effects and filters that can be easily applied to footage, making it a great choice for those working on YouTube videos. It’s also a software that frequently appears near the top of other site’s highest rayed editors. Although not free, it is relatively affordable at $59.99 for the full version, including support.