Zooming into this week’s Synchedin Spotlight is guitar legend Svenson and his crew with their prog rock epic Rainbow Rocket Ride.

Sven Kühbauch, aka Svenson, is a composer, author and guitar virtuoso from Germany. Svenson composes music in a variety of styles, from this week’s proggy Spotlight track to more electronic and cinematic music heard in his latest release, Cycology.

He often works with various artists who have had their fair share of encounters with high profile acts, such as Jennifer Batten (who worked with Jeff Beck and Michael Jackson) and Alexander Veljanov (who worked alongside Sting). In addition to his music, Sven is also an established author, having written several books on both his passions: guitar playing and cycling.

Rainbow Rocket Ride (with Jennifer Batten, Thomas Foerster, Shanice Ruby Bennett and Richard Muenchhoff) is an interstellar trip round the fretboard and beyond. Beginning with a delightfully apt countdown to lift off, the track is ignited as a blast of guitars and frantic but collected drum grooves carries us through to the main riff.

A fun filled riff guitar riff shines through in this next section. True to the song’s name, the track really gives the listener a sense of flying around the cosmos in a rainbow fuelled rocket.

Additionally, the bassist deserves a round of applause for their excellent slap work during these verse sections! We can very much hear this track being used as an anime, podcast or YouTube video intro, and we’re very much here for it!

Virtuosic keys playing and bombastic drum fills tee up the grand chorus sections. This breaks up the intense stream of notes with some large, contrasting guitar chorales.

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