Beat making legend Simon Jomphe Lepine returns to the Synchedin Spotlight with his smooth new R&B single Search.

Simon Jomphe Lepine is nothing short of a Synchedin legend at this point. Not only are his tracks frequently featured as our Synchedin Spotlight, Lepine’s versatile tunes also regularly crop up in both our monthly subscriber favourites and most streamed tracks collections. This isn’t surprising, considering that Lepine has been striving for success and pushing his musical abilities since age 8, when he began teaching himself the piano. Since then, he has built a strong name for himself and his musical discography. Having worked with many celebrities, established artists and even Grammy-nominated musicians across the world, it is clear that Simon Jomphe Lepine is a key player in the world of songwriting and royalty free music.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Search, is no outlier to Simon’s constant dedication to excellence. We begin with a lusciously wide and gentle synth pad, which right from the start sets the chill, R&B mood for the rest of the song to come. A quirky, robot toy sounding sequence can be heard too, establishing the pace while simultaneously maintaining the mellow vibe.

Around 20 seconds in, a bass heavy, R&B drum groove enters, giving the track the feel that it’s been lifted straight from the latest season of Love Island (which is probably why it features in our Love Island Music collection!). Of course, no contemporary R&B track as perfect for TV as this would skimp out on those iconic trap hat sounds.

Lepine keeps the track moving by expertly filtering and fading different instrumental layers in and out of the mix. We love Lepine’s work, as each of his tracks contain different levels of dynamic and feeling, perfect for the different moods you may want to accompany and accentuate your content with. Search is certainly no exception to this.

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