Do you have a treasure trove of sound effects squirrelled away at home? Find out how you can earn money with sound effects right here!

Creating your own sound effects can be laborious but also a load of fun. From chucking about pots and pans, to mucking around with fruit and veg, you can accumulate a big library of sounds over time. Of course, this is not going to be something that every creative person enjoys, or has time for. Independent creators face the challenge of juggling a broad range of responsibilities. Scriptwriting, directing, editing, sorting soundtracks, the list goes on. So, why not do them a favour and share your SFX with the world?

Since adding the SFX platform to the Synchedin site, we are super excited to build our creator and contributor community. By uploading your SFX to the site, you would be one of our wonderful contributors. Applying couldn’t be simpler, and if you’ve got some quality sounds then you’ve got what it takes!

As a contributor, you are entitled to earnings if your SFX get downloaded and used. This is great news for anyone looking to earn a passive income through a tidy side hustle, often the creative’s lifeline. Any revenue generated by your SFX will be paid to you monthly, providing you have met the $50 threshold.

If you wanted to still enjoy the creator side of Synchedin, you can. Subscribing to Synchedin whilst being a contributor is absolutely an option. This means you can earn money with sound effects whilst benefitting from our huge library of royalty free music.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply to be a contributor now and enable people to feature your assets on their YouTube, TikTok, Twitch videos and more!