Providing a huge and eclectic collection of royalty free music, American composer Kevin MacLeod has joined Synchedin!

His Twitter bio humbly states “Composer, etc.”, and he is an incredibly prolific one at that. With over 2000 compositions released under the Creative Commons license, MacLeod’s work has featured in thousands of films, YouTube videos and also video games.

Kevin MacLeod applies his compositional brilliance to a vast range of genres and styles, creating music to fit a plethora of moods and situations. In his catalogue you can find intense, cinematic, synth-laden soundtracks, relaxed, meandering jazz, and energetic world music.

We are so excited to welcome Kevin MacLeod to Synchedin, and have great respect for his mission to provide quality compositions to be used freely by everyone without jumping through tricky copyright hoops.

Check out Kevin MacLeod’s artist page today to discover the perfect sounds for any project!

You can also check out what Kevin MacLeod is up to by following him on Twitter and subscribing to him on YouTube!