In our 2nd festive Synchedin Spotlight, chill music producer Justin Jet Zorbas sets the mood with their wintery score The Soul of Christmas.

Justin Jet Zorbas is an Australian music producer and sound designer that specializes in chill out, electronic and fantasy music. They joined Synchedin around the start of 2022, and have since appeared in many monthly Subscriber Favourites collections with both their royalty free cinematic music and fantastic sound effects.

Our festive Synchedin Spotlight this week is The Soul of Christmas by Justin Jet Zorbas. While this isn’t fresh off the presses, The Soul of Christmas was released fairly recently in 2020.

Christmas carol fans (or anyone with ears who has lived through a December before) will recognise the opening piano melody of this week’s Synchedin Spotlight. It is a reworked version of the main motif in Mykola Leontovych’s Carol of the Bells, a Ukrainian Christmas carol composed in 1914.

Interestingly, the music for this composition is available in the public domain, however the lyrics are not – good thing this week’s Synchedin Spotlight is an instrumental!

The all encompassing sleigh bells accompany the Carol of the Bells melody remix. In true Justin Jet Zorbas style, truly gorgeous strings, woodwinds and ambient tones slowly fade into the stereo field.

The piece ebbs and flows so profoundly that it’s hard not to simply sit back and let this peaceful Christmas soundtrack wash over you. This delicate Christmas number proves to be perfect for emotional TV moments, cinematic Christmas films or even your very own heartfelt YouTube Christmas content.

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