So you want to get your music on Synchedin? That’s great news! Have you been through the checklist for becoming a Synchedin artist?

In order to share your music on Synchedin, and make it available for creators to use in all sorts of projects, there are a few things you must do first. Generally, a lot of our artists have been invited to join the site and were already distributing through our official parter, RouteNote.

We’re happily now accepting artists who get in touch with us, whether they’re distributing exclusively through RouteNote or also using someone else. To ensure the process is as smooth as can be for you, the artist, here’s our checklist of things to look out for before applying!

Make Music

A little obvious, but may as well start right at the beginning. Create your musical masterpiece, and get excited about the journey it’s going to take.

NB. You can also get older music you’ve made uploaded to Synchedin!

Distribute Music

You’ll need to find a service who can digitally distribute your music to DSPs like Spotify and iTunes. We recommend using RouteNote for your digital music distribution needs. They offer a fantastic, free service, that enables you to keep a whopping 85% of earnings generated by streams and downloads.

This is non-exclusive, and you can use other distributors as well if you wish. However, there is one important step that you need to take, which leads us onto the next point…

Content ID

In order to become a Synchedin artist, you must have your content ID going through RouteNote.

You can use whoever you like to distribute to Pandora or Tidal, but content ID needs to be done through RouteNote. Why?

In order for us to have full control over claims on YouTube, to look after both artists and creators using Synchedin, we need to be able to communicate with the people handling the content ID side of things. We work closely with RouteNote, ensuring a speedy and smooth response and resolution to any claims related queries.

What If Someone Else Already Handles My Content ID?

If you’ve already got a content ID provider, who isn’t RouteNote, this isn’t the end of the line.

You will need to request your existing content ID provider takes the requested music down, and then apply for content ID through RouteNote.

Since YouTube does not claim or monetise retrospectively, you might be worried about the interim period. If your music is taken down from content ID with your old provider, but not actively on content ID with RouteNote, will you miss out on monetisation?

Technically yes, although we have the power to manually claim, so you don’t miss out! RouteNote will first need to have approved your release for content ID, so we know it’s all okay to manually claim. Then you can just let us know the date your old provider took your release off content ID, along with the URLs of the videos you’d like claimed on.

Of course, at any time you can get in touch with us at for assistance.

Release Music

Music can only be uploaded and shared on Synchedin if it has been publicly released on other stores, like Spotify. We can absolutely get ready for up and coming releases, though!


So you’ve completed all the necessary stages to make you eligible for becoming a Synchedin artist, congrats! Now, how do you actually get your music onto Synchedin?

This is where being a Synchedin artist truly becomes a beautiful breeze. All you have to do is email us registering your interest in becoming a music contributor, and outline which releases you’d like on the site.

We’ll have a listen, and go through our own little checklist. If everything is looking and sounding good, we will do the uploading for you! Pretty good, right? Share your music with creators of all kinds from around the world, without lifting a finger.

We look forward to hearing from you!