What’s worse than an awkward silence? Excruciating tension. We’ve got a lovely new collection for you, full of just that. Check out Tension Sound Effects!

So much of a film or video’s atmosphere comes from the sound design, Foley, and soundtrack. Your heartstrings are tugged at by a touching interaction between characters, but also the emotional strings swelling in the background. You’re perched on the edge of your seat in nail-biting suspense thanks to the uncertainty in the story, as well as the dark, ominous synth pads building underneath.

We react emotionally to both visuals and audio, so if you want maximum impact for your project, don’t skip on the sound.

It isn’t just music that contributes to the rising tension of a visual project. Horror films are full of classic noises, created by both musical instruments, objects, and electronic sounds that set our teeth on edge. Screeching, scraping metal, synthesized heavy heartbeats. The noises that let you know you’re probably going to be jumping out of your chair in just a few moments.

Find Tension Sound Effects

Filmmaking and videography involves juggling a lot of responsibilities, particularly if you’re independent. This means you don’t have a lot of time to spend creating your own sound effects, or searching for hours for quality sounds. Whether it’s a feature length film or a video for YouTube, you want Foley and SFX that sound as good as your project looks.

That’s why we’ve created the Tension Sound Effects collection on Synchedin. With a careful ear, we’ve compiled our favourite creepy, suspenseful, and agonising effects. Find everything you need for a professional movie trailer, or horrifying video intro.

From cymbal bowing sounds, to sinister rhythmic drones and horrifying jump scare sound effects, you’ll be unnerving audiences in no time.

This collection plays host to a mixture of both royalty free and creative commons (CC0) SFX. Enjoy high quality across the board, and sign up to start cherry-picking your favourites. You can even create your own collection!

To access unlimited downloads of the entire catalogue, simply subscribe today from just $3.99 per month.